Traveling Righley Goes on a Cruise

It's been so long since I've heard from Traveling Kitten's traveling companion, Traveling Righley that I had nearly forgotten about him. But the holidays have always been a time for reaching out to long-lost family and friends, and what should we receive just after Christmas but a letter from Traveling Righley!

Evidently he has become quite the world traveler since we last heard from him, having gone from Wisconsin to Liverpool to a cruise in the Caribbean! Enclosed were pictures from the cruise. Looks like he had quite a good time.

TR Carribean 3 TR Carribean 4 TR Carribean 1 TR Carribean 2 TR Carribean 5

Photos courtesy our friend Spike.


  1. Ow - Can I volunteer to be the next Travelling Righley?!?!?!?!?! This guy gets everywhere!! how awesome is that!!

    Oh and how's the Terror doing on his 'get slim' diet??

  2. He's doing great! He's been a surprisingly good sport about not getting so many treats. I think he's too tuckered out from all the exercise to think much about it. ;)