Labor Day Visitors

I don't know if I've ever mentioned that The Animator's Wife is a sucker. She's always taking in random homeless animals, despite the fact that we hardly have room for them, and trying to find them forever homes. This irritates The Animator a bit, I think--particularly when said animals take over his bathroom--but he tolerates it because he knows it makes The Animator's Wife happy.

Why do I bring this up? On Thursday after all the doctor visits, Uncle Baldy called to ask when he could come drop off my cousin Coco la Boosh for the weekend.


Neither The Animator nor The Animator's Wife had any recollection of agreeing to watch her, but they didn't have any holiday plans anyway so it wasn't a big deal. But then Uncle Baldy said that with being so busy with refinancing their home, he had completely forgotten that he needed to make pet-sitting arrangements for their new kitten, Ra. Could we possibly watch him, too?


Well lucky for Uncle Baldy he was asking The Animator's Wife and not The Animator, because she is not one to turn down kittens.

Immediately after that exchange, The Artist called The Animator's Wife. She's the one who adopted Froy. Well apparently The Artist and Mr. Law School were going to an out-of-town wedding this weekend and had completely forgotten they needed someone to look after Froy. Could he possibly come stay with us?


Again, if she had spoken with The Animator, we probably wouldn't have ended up saddled with four cats and three dogs this weekend.

I'm not done yet. Shortly after that The Animator's Wife got a text from Little Sunshine's Mom. The baby-sitter she had lined up for Friday and Saturday backed out. Could we possibly watch my six-year-old Human Cousin this weekend? Sigh. Why not? Maybe he and the kitten and Froy and Coco could all keep each other entertained.

All in all, the weekend wasn't nearly so crazy as I had feared. Froy and Ra became fast friends with each other, with Froy becoming teacher and mentor to Ra in all the ways of gerbil-hunting.

Froy & Ra

Coco decided she was The Animator's Wife's shadow, and was never more than a foot away from her at all times, meaning she didn't bother with harassing me. And the Human Cousin? Well he boldly announced that The Terror was his bestest friend, so he spent the weekend terrorizing him and not me. Hee hee.

So yes, for Osiris and me, it has been a quiet, relaxing weekend. I hope yours has been just as lovely. Happy Labor Day, everyone!