Doctor Visits for Everyone!

Thursday was an exciting day for three of us in The Animator's household, and by "exciting" I mean not very fun at all. The Animator's Wife, The Dog, and I all got to go to the doctor.

The Animator's Wife's visit was a simple check-up. Everything looks good except that her hormones are out of whack again, which means more fiddling with medication dosages. A minor setback.

My visit was also a simple check-up, but I have a really, really have a hard time with car rides. I get horribly nauseous, and threw up both on the way there and on the way back. And since the doctor is at the same animal hospital where The Animator's Wife works, I was stuck at the hospital all day while she was working her shift. The check-up went really well though. I have a minor heart murmur that the cardiologist has been monitoring, and they said it hasn't gotten any worse. Best of all, I don't have to come back again for another 18 months. Yay!

The Dog had the worst of all the doctor visits. Last Saturday he broke one of his canine teeth (as in the long, pointy teeth in front--not "dog" teeth) while he was chewing on a rawhide. The dentist said it was a freak accident and that the rawhide probably didn't actually cause the fracture, but he also said he doesn't recommend rawhides for any dog. Either way, the sensitive pulp of the tooth was exposed, so the dentist had to go in and dig out the remaining root. As you can see, the root of the canine tooth is almost twice as long as the tooth itself, so it was quite an invasive procedure.

Vinnie Canine 2

The Dog came home drooling on the side of his face where the tooth was pulled, with his face swollen, and looking pretty groggy. Actually, he looked like he was in terrible pain, despite being on powerful pain killers. He went right to his bed and curled up, and every time he lifted his head he'd let out a quiet moan. It was pitiful. He's much better today though. In fact, you'd never know he'd just had a tooth yanked except for the gap on that side of his mouth.

Vinnie Canine 1