What's Wrong with The Animator's Wife?

I've been pretty quiet on teh interwebs lately, I know. My last blog post was in April. Our last free crochet pattern was a little before that. And I haven't been on my Twitter page much either. Part of the reason is Froy, the foster kitten that came to live with us back when the blizzards hit us. He is quite a terror, and does not accept discipline as an appropriate form of interaction. I had taken to hiding in The Animator's office while he was here because he was such a spaz! But joy of joys, he has finally gone to his forever home! Thankfully it was with someone extremely tolerant of his less-than-perfect behavior (he has gone to live with The Artist, a friend of The Animator's Wife, so we haven't heard the last of him).

But what's really been keeping me away from the crochet world lately is The Animator's Wife. Not because she's keeping me away from her wonderful yarns, but because this has been a really difficult year for her. So difficult, in fact, that very few people, even in her innermost circle, even knew anything was wrong because she was so reluctant to talk about it. But she is more optimistic these days, and we both feel we owe it to our friends to explain a little of what's been going on.

In July 2009, The Animator's Wife was diagnosed with a small tumor on her pituitary gland, which is in the very center of the brain. The tumor itself is not a big deal, as the Good Doctor was able to shrink it with medications and no surgery was necessary. But one of the side effects of the tumor was an extreme hormonal imbalance that has left The Animator's Wife unable to have children. This news was devastating to her, as she and The Animator had planned to start a family soon. Those plans are now on hold indefinitely, as a little over a year later, the Good Doctor is still trying to figure out why her body has yet to return to normal...

But as I said before, she is more optimistic these days. She has made her peace with God, and she and The Animator have resolved to have as much fun as they can before (and if) the wee ones come.

So what else has been going on these last few months? Let's see, in February of this year, The Animator was hired by Tiggee, LLC to do a complete rebranding of their subsidiary, DNS Made Easy. If you don't know what DNS is, I'm sorry but I can't explain it to you because neither do I! But check out their website. Every single graphic and animation on there was created by The Animator (and some of them explain what DNS is).

Then in May, The Animator and His Wife went to Ireland to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.

The Animator & His Wife in Ireland

Their actual anniversary isn't until September 18, but they thought a trip to Ireland might be nicer in the Spring than in the Fall. And The Animator's Wife scored some genuine Irish wool while they were there.

The Animator's Wife in Ireland

And one of the best things to happen this year is the creation of Craft Night. What started as a girl's night in with The Animator's Wife and The Artist has grown to include The Animator, The Artist's boyfriend Mr. Law School, The Animator's friend Neural Clone, and Neural Clone's girlfriend A Girl Called Bob. Granted, only the ladies do any crafting while the boys go off and do their own thing, but it's been very therapeutic for The Animator's Wife to have something to look forward to every week to take her mind off things.

*purr* It feels pretty good to be getting back in the crochet groove again. Thank you to all of our interweb friends that have remained supportive through these last few months. You'll be hearing from me again soon.