The 16-Bit Afghan

As summer is drawing to a close, the heat has finally settled down enough to make these sunny days quite pleasant. It's not even humid today, which is saying a lot for our East Coast domicile, which is what led The Animator and His Wife to pursue their creative projects outside today. Osiris was annoyed that he wasn't invited, but he lost his privilege to lounge on the back patio when he jumped the fence earlier this month, proving that he couldn't be trusted.

Selena & Osiris

I personally don't understand his fascination with being outdoors. Give me the temperate, safe confines of the indoors any day. I can get all the sunlight I need from my cozy perch in The Animator's office window.

Today The Animator's Wife was working on her birthday present for The Animator.

16bit Afghan 1

Granted his birthday was about 24 days ago, but the gift she has planned for him is going to be epic--a much bigger undertaking than she was originally planning. The Animator, you see, has a bit of an obsession with ancient video games from the early days of Nintendo and Sega. I don't know how she came up with it, but one day The Animator's Wife had the "brilliant" idea of creating a 16-bit granny square afghan, wherein each granny square was to represent one pixel in the image. The Animator loved this idea and immediately furnished her with a 16-bit image of Laura, a character from Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, which is one of his favorite game series from that era.

16-bit Afghan

It was only after she opened her big mouth about it to The Animator that The Animator's Wife realized just how involved a project this was going to be. If you count the pixels in the picture, you'll see that she is going to need to make 638 granny squares to complete the project. Let's see, 638 3-inch squares times 7 yards per square equals way more toes than I have to count on! Suffice it to say that when it's done, it will measure about 5.5 by 7.25 feet, and that's not including the border.

Well she's got a good start on it--about 94 squares so far. At this rate she might be done by Christmas.

16bit Afghan 2