Survivor: The Animator's Pets

Okay, listen up, everyone! We just got hit with Snowmageddon's Revenge! This storm is much more fierce than the last one, and we have a castaway with us this time.


Remember our pirate kitten from a while ago? He's back, and his name is Froy. Things didn't work out at his new home--the dog there didn't like him. He's going to be staying with us until he finds another home. In the mean time, he's going to be our special guest on Survivor: The Animator's Pets.

Since the blizzard is keeping us all cooped up together, we're going to see how long we can stand each other. And YOU are going to be the ones voting us out of the bedroom! Here's out it works:

1. TEAMS. There are two teams. The canine team consists of The Dog, The Terror, and The Animator. The feline team consists of Osiris, Froy, and The Animator's Wife. I'll be your host, Selena K.

2. CONTESTS. There will be three contests throughout the day. The first contest will be (in Eastern Standard Time) from 10a-12p, the second from 1p-3p, and the third from 4p-6p. After each contest YOU will have the opportunity to vote one pet out of the bedroom.

3. TWIBAL COUNCIL. The Twibal Council is made up of everyone on Twitter! If you have a Twitter account, you will have one hour after each contest ends to cast your vote. The pet that's voted out of the bedroom will be announced before the next contest.

4. WINNER. The winner will get a nice strip of juicy bacon all to themselves! (Hey, we're snowed in here! The grand prize has to be something around the house. ~_^)

Ready to play? Then come follow us on Twitter!


First Contest: Cuddle Your Human!

Canine Tribe
0 points for The Dog sleeping through the contest.
1 point for The Terror playing along.
-1 point for The Animator's ugly red flannel PJs.
0 points total for the Canine Tribe.

Feline Tribe
0 points for Osiris cuddling with the host.
3 points for Froy making biscuits in The Animator's Wife's lap.
2 points for The Animator's Wife having two pets cuddled with her.
5 points total for the Feline Tribe.

Feline Tribe wins the first contest!

Twibal Council vote: The Terror leaves the bedroom.

Second Contest: Cabin Fever!

Canine Tribe
1 point for The Dog being a good boy.
-1 point for The Animator playing Broadway tunes.
0 points total for the Canine Tribe.

Feline Tribe
1 point for Osiris staying in bed and not bothering anyone.
-3 points for Froy getting in the dishwasher, stealing the crochet, and keeping me out of the office.
-1 point for The Animator's Wife spilling The Animator's secret music tastes on the interwebs.
-3 points total for the Feline Tribe.

Canine Tribe wins the second contest!

Twibal Council vote: Osiris leaves the bedroom.

Third Contest: Race for the Potty!

Canine Tribe
1 point for The Dog doing his business outside.
50 points for The Animator walking the dogs in 3 feet of snow in his PJs.
51 points total for the Canine Tribe.

Feline Tribe
0 points for Froy refusing to go outside.
0 points for The Animator's Wife sitting on her pampered butt while The Animator freezes.
0 points total for the Feline Tribe.

Canine Tribe wins the third contest!

Twibal Council vote: Froy leaves the bedroom.


And this will probably be the only time in history a dog ever beats a cat on But don't worry about Froy--just because he's leaving our bedroom doesn't mean he can't come into yours. Find info on adopting him here.