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Earlier this month The Animator's Wife was contacted Stacey Trock, the author of this book:
The book is scheduled to be released on March 15th, and as a promotion, Ms. Trock is going to be doing a blog tour. Guess which blog will be one of the stops on her tour? That's right--Ms. Trock will be making an appearance right here on Rambling Yarns!

Serendipitously, Ms. Trock happens to live only about an hour away from us, so The Animator's Wife has the exciting opportunity to speak with her in person about her book. And since the interview is going to be published on this blog, we'd like to ask, what would you ask if you had the opportunity to speak with a crochet designer? Post your questions in the comments and The Animator's Wife will pass them along when she speaks to Ms. Trock in April.

Then, when the interview is published on April 16th, you will have the chance to win a free copy of her book in our blog giveaway! Please help spread the word!

To Be Entered in the Blog Giveaway: Simply post your question on here, our Facebook fanpage, or on Twitter @CrochetKitten before April 8th! The winner will be announced April 16th. You can ask as many questions as you like, but you will only get one entry per person.


  1. Oh this is fantastic Selena and Stacy!! How GREAT for her to visit the blog. Especially to a new crocheter like me!! I love the book the cover looks SO CUTE!!

    OK Question :- I saw the astonishing Crochet Reef on some time ago. Is there any limit to size of things you personally would enjoy crocheting? When would size stop being fun and start being more of a skills/design challenge?

  2. Great question--and one I never would have thought up! I can't wait to hear her response. ^_^

  3. Oooh, fabulous! I was wondering how serious crocheters like yourselves avoid wrist and hand strain from hours of repetitive crocheting? Do you take rests? Do special exercises? Wear special supports? I find that (as a beginner) my hands cramp up after a few hours and it is very disappointing to have to put down my project!

  4. As an inspiration from your blog world tour have you thought of doing a range of country specific designs? I love the Koala and could see some great dot painting inspirations being designed or NZ has some great unique inspirations too, like the kiwi, Pukeko, silver fern, etc.
    Maybe you will have to do an in person world knit club tour!

  5. Thank you Meghann LittleStudio and Zoe! You've both been entered. And thanks for your creative questions!

  6. This book looks like a lot of fun, and such a great idea - I know loads of kids who would love to be able to match their favourite toy!

    Could I ask "How did you come up with the great idea of making a set of projects that each have a matching toy?"

  7. Thank you Jessica! You've been entered in the drawing. ^_

  8. What a wonderful give-away.

    My question would be:

    Ms. Trock.
    Sometimes the need for perfection and creativity clash.
    Are you one of those people who undo all they have done, just because there's a simple mistake somewhere, way back, at the beginning?
    Thank you.

  9. Thank you Laane! Your question has been added to the interview. ^_^

  10. This is a fantastic idea!

    My question is - A lot of times when I am doing plushie or amigurumi work my hand aches for days afterwards. Do you wear pressure gloves? If not, do you experience this - and if so, what do you do to handle/control it? I love the results - but I'm 31 years old and afraid I'm going to have hand problems early in life.

  11. Oops, I believe I repeated a question. Sorry about that!

    Another question... When did you start writing your own patterns? I love to try new things - but the thought of putting together an original pattern seems so foreign/scary to me.

  12. What a cute book and a wonderful idea for a give away! My question is, what inspires you to come up with a design idea? Do you actually "see" the finished design in your head? How on earth do you write it...while you are making the pattern or afterwards?

    Guess that's more than one question! LOL

  13. nevadamamaMarch 31, 2010

    Is it better to crochet lose or tight? I don't seem to get it right.

  14. Whose design? If you use a pattern as a guide but make it into something else entirely it then your design? EX:Using a ball pattern, but turn it into a snowman.

  15. Hi, Selena. What a wonderful idea. My question for Ms. Trock is:
    On the average, about how many hours do you spend perfecting your pattern where you no longer feel the need to make a change here or there in it, and do you ever run into not being completely happy with your end result after working so long on a pattern?

  16. My question is:

    How do you test your pattern directions? Do you use test crocheters?

  17. Thank you for everyone's questions! Stay tuned for the interview and the announcement of the winner!