Hearts for Haiti

It's amazing how an epic disaster can bring out the best in people. We just found out yesterday that Etsy has created a shop called Hearts for Haiti to raise money for Haiti. This is a shop where Etsy crafters from all over the world have donated handmade goods, with 100% of the sales going to Doctors Without Borders. As of last night, they have had almost 900 items donated and have already raised $3600. It's a beautiful thing when crafters come together for a cause.

We have made our own small contribution to the shop.

Gemini Kittens

Since the theme for the shop is hearts, we decided to donate a pair of our Gemini Kittens. No, this isn't the Kittenkaboodle crochet kit you would find in our own shop. This is a rare opportunity to buy an actual set of amigurumis, handmade by The Animator's Wife herself. We'll even ship it for free (with tracking, wherever possible) to anywhere in the world. And all the proceeds go to helping Haiti.

And don't forget, we have our own promotion going in the Rambling Yarn Shop. From now through the end of February, 50% of the selling price of our ZodiacKittenkaboodles will go to UNICEF, and 100% of the profits from our Zodiac Kitten Kindle book go to the WSPA. Thank you everyone for your help!