There are some nice advantages to being a kitty. I get to snooze in the window, help The Animator's Wife with her crochet projects, and use the bathroom inside. I bet The Dog and The Terror wish they were so lucky, especially since we were hit with the blizzard of 2009 last night. Apparently it was the most snow in DC area history--we got 20 inches in one day! The Animator's Wife had a fun time trying to take them out for their walk last night.

Stacy & Dogs 1

The Dog made a valiant effort, but got stuck about 10 feet away from the house.


The Neighbor Lady had shoveled out a patch of grass on her lawn for her own dogs to use, so The Animator's Wife ended up carrying The Dog and The Terror over there to do their business. Osiris and I just laughed at them as we thought of our cozy, covered litterbox in our nice, warm bathroom.

By the way, I don't think I've posted any pictures of our new house yet.


We moved in at the beginning of October, and the move combined with the upcoming holidays is the reason I've been so quiet online lately. I've been working hard to help keep The Animator's Wife sane. I think everything's settled for now though. The Animator's Wife has been much happier lately, and I've been looking forward to life getting back to normal.