Time for a New Life

It's been two weeks since Bombalurina, Elliette, and Skimbleshanks went to the FFGW Adoption Fair (and since I blogged--geez, what's the matter with me?). Alas, they still have not found homes--not even Bombalurina who, the last I heard had an adoption pending, but obviously it didn't work out. In fact, the kittens had been at our house for nearly two months when The Animator and His Wife packed them up as they headed out for church today. When they came back a few hours later, the kittens were gone.

We all live in a two-bedroom home, you see, and when I say "all," I mean myself, Osiris, The Dog, The Terror, The Animator, and His Wife (not to mention my two gerbils). It's already pretty crowded as it is, but when you add three kittens into the mix--who are quickly growing from kittens into cats--it starts to become a rather stressful home environment. I can't even sit in my own kitty condo for more than five minutes before one of the kittens comes asking for a fight.

Selena & Skimbleshanks

Plus some of you may remember that I have a little condition called idiopathic cystitis, which is inflammation of the bladder that flares up in times of stress. I'm a little ashamed to admit that since the kittens have been granted the run of the house, my bladder has been bothering me so much that I haven't always been able to make it to the litter box on time. So for my sake, The Animator's Wife spoke with the head honcho at the FFGW, and they were actually able to find another foster home to take over! The Animator's Wife said the new foster mommy is very nice and has more room to care for the kittens as they grow up.

I can't believe they're gone. I know I've been begging for someone to take them off our paws for the last two months, but to see them go to another foster home is somewhat disappointing. I don't know that we'll be kept in the loop as they all get adopted into their forever homes. All I know is that for now they are still looking for their forever homes, so if you know of anyone interested, please put them in touch with the FFGW.


Farewell, kittens. They got on my nerves sometimes, but I will definitely miss them. I wish them all the best in finding their forever homes.