That Didn't Take Long...

It hasn't even been a week since our three FIV kittens left, and The Animator's Wife is already bringing home more kittens! I can't decide if she's a sucker or just crazy. Wasn't she just complaining last week that our home wasn't big enough for five cats and two dogs? And now she's bringing home two more?

Selena & New Kittens

I will give her this though: These two new kittens are a lot smaller than the FIV kittens were when they first got here. These little guys are only about four weeks old, and there's only two of them, so I suppose I could put up with them for a little while. One of them, the black and white boy, has a broken leg and needs physical therapy. How can I say no to that? The other one is a black female, and apparently black cats are The Animator's weakness. I had no idea! Hmph. I'll choose not to take that personally for now.

Oh, good news for The Animator's Wife! She has just been hired as a columnist for the Just for Fun department at! She's really excited about it, and that also means we'll have more crafty fun to share with you once she gets started!


  1. more kitten pics! we demand kitten pics! And what happened tot he little guy with the bum leg? Poor fellow

  2. So sorry I didn't get back to you right away! I have an update on the kittens here (as well as more pics, heehee):