Pirate Kitten Invasion!

It's only been a week since the new kittens have come to stay with us, and already they've hijacked the kitchen! The Animator's Wife has been keeping them in there during the day so she can get some work done on her HMN stuff, which means the rest of us have been booted to the dining room for our meals.

Pirate Kittens

I've had some people ask me about the boy and his broken leg. It appears to be healing some with physical therapy, but it's starting to look a little crooked. The Animator's Wife thinks surgery might be necessary in the future, but right now he has a peg leg and a black beard, so we're calling him the Pirate.

Pirate Kitten Male

His sister is cute too, I suppose.

Pirate Kitten Female

I don't know, I'm still annoyed that The Animator said he has a thing for black cats. I know I shouldn't take it personally, but I thought I was his special friend. I feel we may have grown apart some when The Terror came to live with us and I didn't want to leave the closet for a couple of months. I guess I've got some loving to catch up on!

At these kittens are small enough that they're not running around the entire house and making me crazy, like our last kittens were. Speaking of which though, Bombalurina, Elliette, and Skimbleshanks are still looking for their forever homes. They're going to another adoption fair tomorrow, so if you're in the Washington DC metro and would like a kitten, they'll be there waiting for you!

So I know you can't get enough of me because I'm just such a lovable feline (unless you're The Animator, apparently), so if you want even more updates about what myself and The Animator's Wife are up to, come follow me on Twitter or fan me on Facebook. Hope to see you there!

...PS. I didn't mean that, Mr. Animator. I hope I'm still deserving of your back rubs tonight.