Yarn Is NOT a Cat Toy, Part Deux

Last year I learned a very important lesson while The Animator's Wife was crocheting one day: Yarn is NOT a cat toy.

This morning our foster kittens learned that lesson firsthand when Elliette, the white female, got her head stuck in a ball of crochet cotton. The Animator and His Wife couldn't help laughing at her at first, but we had a moment of near-panick when we realized her head was actually stuck and she needed help freeing it.

The Animator's Wife had been wondering where that ball of cotton had gone--just last week she thought she had lost it! Well Elliette found it, and luckily she escaped with no more injury than that to her ego. However, it drives home two of my points from last year:

- Never let Kitty play with yarn unsupervised, and especially don’t let her eat it.

- Never leave yarn lying around where Kitty can get into it while home alone.

Incidently, we're still looking for forever homes for all three kittens. If you are interested in adopting them, you can come meet them at the Feline Foundation's adoption fair this Sunday, July 19th. See this page for details.

Please crochet responsibly.