Traveling Kitten Goes to Cape Cod

My Dear Osiris and Selena,

I would like to extend my greetings to you by first wishing you a contented Independence Day! I am spending the day of our nation's birth in a little area just south of Boston known as Cape Cod. I know I led you to believe in my last letter that I would be making my way back to California by now, but I was very much taken in by the Cape and found myself continually making excuses to stay just one more day.

Traveling Kitten Cape Cod 1

The people here are very cat-like indeed, when you consider that they have managed to take food and laziness and combine them into a single self-indulgent art form. And yes, even I managed to fall privy to their ways. In the world of The Animator's Wife, there is a Starbucks on every corner. Here there are candy shops on every corner.

Traveling Kitten Cape Cod 2

And where there were no candy shops, there were ice cream parlors offering the most delicious homemade gelato.

Traveling Kitten Cape Cod 3

In fact, the sole corner I found that did not have a vendor selling a treat of some sort was named after food instead.

Traveling Kitten Cape Cod 4

It makes me sick to think of how I've been these last few weeks, sleeping half the day only to wake and engorge myself on something deep-fried and covered in sugar.

I've come to realize how selfish I've become on my excursion around the world. When I first set out on my journey, I felt my purpose was to expose you to the outside world, since you have such a fear of cars and traveling. Somewhere along the way I believe I lost track of that purpose, and I would most like to rectify it. Thusly, since you and The Animator's Wife have such an interest in crochet, I thought you might rather enjoy it if I reported on the crochet aspects of the different destinations I see.

Here in Cape Cod, the popular thing among the ladies seems to be crocheted hats made out of straw. In this sunny beach climate, they are very practical as they shield their faces from the sun's harmful rays, yet are airy enough to keep the ladies' heads cool.

Traveling Kitten Cape Cod 5

Oh--and I almost forgot to mention that I found the most precious treasure for The Animator's Wife while here: a genuine vintage copy of
McCall's Treasury of Needlecraft, published in 1955.

Traveling Kitten Cape Cod 6

I am enclosing it for her in the package with this letter. Please give her my regards. I have not decided if I shall still be going back to California or not, but wherever I go, I shall write you again.

All the Best,

Traveling Kitten