OPP: Other People's Patterns

It's not often that The Animator's Wife crochets from a pattern designed by someone else. In fact, one of the last things she attempted was the vintage kitten pattern back in April, which ended in somewhat of a disaster.

Vintage Kitten

She was doing well until she got to the underbody, and then it all went downhill. And of course, that pattern was part of the original thrift store find, so there was no one to turn to for advice on how to finish. She ended up frogging the whole thing.

But I have to admit, sometimes it's nice to watch The Animator's Wife sit and crochet things from other people's patterns simply because she is so much calmer than when she designs her own things. I know she enjoys the challenge, but I've always felt that working from other patterns has been a good way for her to relax while still doing what she loves most.

One pattern she did recently is Beth Espina-Cole's Crocheted Baby Starghan. She did it in Cowboys colors for a friend who is a fan of the Dallas team and is having a baby boy.

Cowboys Blanket

Another pattern she finished just this weekend is Kim Werker's Jayne Cobb Hat (with a few minor changes) for a friend who is a big fan of the Firefly series.

Jayne Cobb Hat

I suppose The Animator's Wife tends to make things from patterns more for other people than for herself, because when it comes to making things for herself, she already knows exactly what she wants and has an idea of how to make it. When it comes to making things for friends and family, they will typically see these other patterns and want her to make them for them.

Oh, speaking of wanting things from other people, the kittens discovered my gerbils the other day when The Animator's Wife had them out of the big tank to change their bedding.

Elliette & Gerbils

Well that's one thing they'll not be getting from me. They can share my home and my food, but my gerbils are just for me.