The "K" in "Selena K"

Every now and then I'm asked what the "K" in "Selena K" stands for. And then I'm laughed at when I say that the "K" stands for my middle name. "A cat with a middle name?" people ask. Well why not? You see, The Animator's Wife didn't exactly ask The Animator's permission before she brought me home as a kitten. And she knew he might be just a little annoyed when he found out she was planning on keeping me. So to make me more appealing to The Animator, she decided to name me after a character in one of The Animator's favorite comic book franchises: Batman.

So "Selena K" is really short for "Selena Kyle," which is Catwoman's real name. (Actually, Catwoman spells her name "Selina," but by the time The Animator's Wife realized that, we had already registered my name at the vet as "Selena," so we decided to just keep the extra "e"). Her planned either worked or The Animator was going to fall in love with me anyway, because four years later I'm still here.

Anyway, The Animator's Wife is actually a big fan of Catwoman herself, so when she found out about the Super Hero swap in the Odd Ducks group on Ravelry, she just had to join in on the fun. She got her package from her swap partner the just the other day. On the card, her swap partner wrote, "When I think of Catwoman, two words come to mind: classy and sultry. So I tried to create a package worthy of Selena Kyle's sophisticated tastes... I'm calling it Selena's Cat Burglar Bag."

Ooh la la! That sounds right up my alley! Here's what she sent:

Superhero Swap 1 Superhero Swap 2

We're in love with the cat bag. But Skimbleshanks seemed to be more concerned with the chiffon-y box it came in.

Superhero Swap 3

Don't forget--all three of our foster kittens are going to an adoption fair this Sunday. If you know anyone in the DC area that would be interested in adopting them, please send this info along to them. Let's get these guys some homes so I can have mine back to myself!