A Day at the Fair

The Animator's Wife just came back from the Feline Foundation's adoption fair, and I was a little disheartened to see her burdened with the weight of a still-full cat carrier. Sure, I was sad to see the kittens go earlier this afternoon, since I've gotten so used to them being around, but I was just settling back down into my routine of gerbil-watching (by myself) and sunning (by myself) when everyone walked back in.

The fair wasn't a total loss, however. Bombalurina has an adoption pending!


The Animator's Wife said she spoke with a very nice lady with two little girls who just fell in love with her. She filled out the adoption application and then came back to say good-bye to Bomba. If her application gets approved, then she can come pick her up at our house and take her home. The Animator's Wife said they seem like good people and her daughters were very gentle with Bomba, so she's sure the application will be approved.

Elliette, on the other hand, did not do so well.


Apparently Elliette spent the entire fair hissing at potential adopters, which The Animator said was a shame because she's the sweetest one of the bunch! And I must say, I have to agree with him. She reminds me a little of myself, actually. We're both wary around strangers, but once we know we can trust you, all we want is love and cuddles. Right now Elliette's still at the age (and size) where seeing her hiss is more amusing than scary, but I'm going to have to get it in her head that she's never going to find a home with that attitude. And I doubt if The Animator's Wife can convince The Animator to let us be her forever home. We're already overrun as it is!

Skimbleshanks is also still looking for his forever home.


The Animator's Wife said there was a nice-looking man cuddling him when she went to pick them up at the end of the fair, but she thinks he ended up filling out an application for the cat in the cage next to him.

So that's where we are right now. The next step is for the Feline Foundation to list their cute little mugs on their website, and we'll just have to sit tight until next month's adoption fair. I think I can handle it, but I feel bad for my big brother Osiris. Skimbleshanks has decided Osiris is his hero, and he spends all his time following him around and imitating him. It's cute, but I think Osiris gets a little annoyed with it sometimes.