Traveling Kitten Has a Bad Dream

My Dear Osiris and Selena,

After spending the entire winter and better part of the spring wandering lazily around Boston and drinking what in my opinion was probably entirely too much beer, I awoke last night from a very strange dream. In it, I had decided I had already seen all there was to see in our current world, so I ventured to take the next portion of my travels in a completely different direction: through time.

And so my latest adventure began when the Earth was still new and forming, only time was accelerated in my dream so that no sooner did stalactites form then they were cool and solid to the touch.

Traveling Kitten Dream 1

Then I saw where the dinosaurs had roamed, and I believe I may have been mistaken for a snack had they not been confused by my furry coat.

Traveling Kitten Dream 2

Next I saw the creation of humankind, and in my dream the old fairy tales of giants and cyclopes turned out to be based in truth.

Traveling Kitten Dream 3

In fact, I had the opportunity to watch these mammoth humans as they aided in the construction of the famous Stonehenge.

Traveling Kitten Dream 4

The construction was being overseen by a spritely little gnome, who envisioned Stonehenge becoming a great gnome acropolis one day. As he told me of his plans, I reciprocated with some tales of my travels, and he asked that I bring greetings to his cousin Travelocity should I ever happen to run into him.

Traveling Kitten Dream 5

I awoke then, next to a fellow feline I must have met the night before, but for the life of me I can't remember the dear thing's name.

Traveling Kitten Dream 6

It was then I decided I've spent enough time drinking my life away in Boston, and that it is now time to resume my travels and musings. I think I shall start by making my way back to California, as my head is pounding and I don't think I can handle too much adventure at the moment. California is ideal as I spent some time there with Traveling Righley last year, but there is still much there I haven't seen.

So I apologize for my lack of correspondence over these last few months. I suppose it was to be expected over the winter, as the weather tends to put a damper on travel plans anyway. I do so hope this letter finds you well, and as always, give my regards to The Animator's Wife.

All the best,

Traveling Kitten