AWLA Walk: Win!

Thank you to all who donated to the AWLA Walk! Thanks to you, The Animator's Wife and the rest of the PAWesome Crimefighters were able to raise $1170 to benefit the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

Pawesome Crimefighters
(The Animator and His Wife are on the left with The Dog We Don't Like to Mention.)

Osiris and I were stuck at home baby-sitting The Terror and Coco la Boosh, who were sick with canine flu, but it sounds like the walk went well! The Dog says he made a new friend named Super Dog Oliver.

New Friends

I really don't understand this whole butt-sniffing thing that dogs do, but apparently it's a socially accepted greeting in the canine world. And if a real live super dog is okay with it, then I suppose I should just accept it as one of those odd customs of canine culture.

I must admit, that Super Dog Oliver is kind of cute. I wonder how he feels about cats?