Save the Kitties!

I briefly mentioned in passing before that The Dog and The Terror are going on a charity walk for the AWLA. I thought it was just some dog thing so I wasn't terribly interested in it, but today The Animator's Wife came home from work talking about a kitten she met from the AWLA today.

Did I ever mention that The Animator's Wife works for a veterinary ophthalmologist when she's not crocheting? Today the AWLA brought in a kitten named Simba to see the ophthalmologist.

Simba 1

Simba has no eyelids and needs corrective surgery, or else his eyes will become so scarred he will eventually go blind. Brace yourself--these next two photos are not for the squeamish.

Simba 3Simba 2

This is a very expensive surgery, and the AWLA is not sure they will be able to afford it. But The Animator's Wife said if they are able to raise enough money for the charity walk, there might be some hope for Simba. In fact, she said the AWLA has lots of kitties that could benefit from this walk! And here all this time I was thinking they were just for the dogs.

If you'd like to help The Animator's Wife in her efforts to help cats like Simba, please consider giving a small donation here. Every little bit helps, and will give 15% off your next purchase from our Etsy shop to anyone who donates any amount (mention your donation in the check-out). Alternatively, you can order a Pawesome Crimefighters t-shirt, designed personally by The Animator. $3 from the sale of each t-shirt will go directly toward the walk.

Thanks so much for any help you can give us! The walk is on May 9th--I'll keep you updated until then.