Crochet Kitties!

The Animator's Wife got her swap package from the Crochetville swap this week. Apparently it's no secret that The Animator's Wife is a cat lover (how could she not be with me as her biggest fan?), because the package contained lots of cat-themed goodies!

Among other goodies, she received a kitty print roll-up hook holder...

Hooked On Crochet Swap 1

...some delicate kitty stitch markers...

Hooked On Crochet Swap 2

...and the most precious of all, a hand-carved wooden crochet hook with a kitty on top.

Hooked On Crochet Swap 3

Isn't the hook amazing? They are made by a man named Robert Parish. I'm trying to talk The Animator's Wife into ordering some more for us. I promised I wouldn't chew on them, but I can't speak for The Terror.

So since The Animator's Wife is such a big cat lover, it seems only appropriate that she would choose a crochet kitten pattern as her first project from the vintage pattern lot. I was a little annoyed to find out that I'm not the first crochet kitten, but Osiris says I can rest assured that I am certainly the cutest. This vintage pattern is interesting though. It's not worked in the round, like today's stuffed animal patterns, but rather it is worked in rows to be pieced together. The Animator's Wife is working on the head right now.

Vintage Crochet Kitten 1

I am to believe that this piece is just the head--not the whole body yet. I think I'll believe that when it's finished.