Crazy Daisies

Before I say anything else, I would first like to thank Jennifer Salaz for her donation to our walk! Please give your kitty Henry a big hug from us and our best wishes for a full recovery. If anyone else would like to donate, you can do so here before May 9th. Remember, any donation qualifies you for 15% off your next purchase from our Etsy shop!

Now on with today's business. The Animator's Wife has decided to take a break from the vintage kitten pattern. The loop stitch is starting to irritate her fingers, and so far the progress has been... interesting. In fact, it's rather starting to look like an inch worm.

Vintage Crochet Kitten 2

So she decided to take a break and move on to this lovely little number.

Daisy Cover-Up 1

However, this pattern had her stumped before she even got past the materials list! 4 ounces of yarn? Check. Size 4 crochet hook? Got it. One Crazy Daisy Winder, 2 inches in diameter? What? What the heck is a Crazy Daisy Winder?

After doing a little research, we discovered that the Crazy Daisy Winder is a hand-held loom that was popular in the 40s and 50s. The idea is you use the loom to make the daisies, and then crochet the daisies together. The Animator's Wife was immediately intrigued by this new (to her) crochet technique, and was actually able to find a vintage Crazy Daisy Winder on Ebay.

Crazy Daisy Winder

Ooh la la--and it still works, too! The winder has twelve little spokes that spring out of the edges to wind the yarn around...

Crazy Daisy 1

...and voila! You have a daisy!

Crazy Daisy 2

Well, she better get to winding, because the Daisy Cover Up pattern requires 104 daisies. Luckily the Crazy Daisy Winder advertises that it "cuts crochet time in half!"