Catnip Indiscretions

A couple of days ago Osiris received the most wonderful gift in the mail: a pillow stuffed entirely with catnip! Why he's getting gifts in the mail when it's my birthday coming up, I don't know. All I have to say is The Animator's Wife had better have something really special planned for me!

But back to the catnip. Osiris smelled it as soon as the mail came through the door, and he immediately descended upon The Animator's Wife and demanded to know where the scent was coming from. It was a package from It's Meow or Never, a favorite rescue group of our friend Marjorie. The proceeds from their Etsy store go toward caring for their sanctuary animals, so The Animator's Wife ordered a handmade catnip pillow from them. Osiris went crazy over it!

Catnip Pillow 1

I've seen how he reacts to catnip before, but I suppose he's never had quite so much all at once. Pupils dilated, claws extended, licking and chewing on the pillow in ecstasy, I do believe his mind left the realms of reality for a time.

I personally don't understand the fascination with catnip (shocking, I know), and apparently neither does The Animator's Wife. She made the mistake of leaving the pillow out for Osiris to play with while she was at work, and she came home to a bit of a disaster.

Catnip Pillow 2

Catnip everywhere! Osiris had chewed a hole through the pillow and sprinkled the entire living room floor with the magical herb! I couldn't help laughing at The Animator's Wife as she pondered how she was going to clean up the mess. But really, she should have known better than to leave him alone with it.

Now I wonder what I'm going to be getting for my birthday?

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