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I often joke that I've been in hibernation since The Terror came to live with us, but it just occurred to me that The Animator's Wife hasn't been very active lately in the crochet community herself. I suppose she's had a lot going on. She comes home from work rambling about how many patients they've had to squeeze in, and then spends her time at home going through all the knick-knacks and old clothes that have piled up over the years, looking for things she can take to the local thrift store. And I've overheard her and The Animator mention on more then one occasion about how this will likely be our last year in this apartment. They keep talking about how they need more space, and yet they keep getting rid of things by the armful. For what reason could they possibly need more space if they are downsizing their possessions?

But I'm getting way off topic here. I was going to mention that The Animator's Wife has finally jumped back into the crochet community by joining a hook holder crochet swap at Crochetville! She was very excited about it because she's lost more than a few crochet hooks the last few weeks. In fact, she's already finished making her partner's hook holder and dropped it in the mail today!

Hook Case 1

See how nicely it rolls up?

Hook Case 3

The Animator's Wife enjoyed making it so much we've decided to sell them in our Etsy shop, along with some handmade stitch markers.

Hook Case 2

Let's see, what else has been keeping The Animator's Wife so busy? Oh yes. The Dog would like me to inform everyone that The Animator and His Wife are participating in a walk to benefit the Arlington Welfare League of Arlington. The Dog and The Terror are walking with them. They're all part of a team called the PAWesome Crimefighters, and so far they are only a smidgen away from being the number one team in the league! If you would like to help them by donating, you can do so at The Animator's Wife's donation page here. Your donations will go directly to the league to help homeless animals in the Northern Virginia area.

Alternatively, The Animator has designed some snazzy T-shirts that he's selling to raise money for the league. You can order one for yourself or your canine companion at Absolute Vaka. $3 from each T-shirt sold will go toward the walk.


Thanks so much for your help. Every little bit makes a difference!

Oh--and The Dog and The Terror say thank you as well.