The Animator's Debut!

I know this blog is primarily about crochet, but when The Animator's Wife gets excited about something, I get excited about it. Tonight she is excited because The Animator just found out that a commercial he animated for Huggies is going to be debuting on BET. She said this is his first piece to be aired nationally, which I guess means a lot of people are going to see it. If you want to be one of those people, turn your TV to BET at 12:29am tonight or 10:46pm tomorrow night (that's Eastern Standard time in the United States). It's called "Toddler Tales."

And since this has put The Animator's Wife in such a good mood, perhaps now would be a good time to tell her what I want for my birthday...

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  1. Well, my goodness... Happy Birthday to you!! Best wishes, and many happy returns!