Charmed Wrist Warmers

As I've said before, The Animator's Wife has certainly been busy while I've been hiding in the bedroom. Every time I come out, there is more yarn and more FOs! Right now the living room is covered with random lengths of yarn and boxes for one of her biggest projects ever, which I will keep to myself until she announces it formally. But I will give you a clue: it involves a shop.

I think I'm done hiding in the bedroom though. I've discovered that The Terror is more goofy than terrifying, and he doesn't bother me anymore since Osiris let him know who's boss. The Animator's Wife's crochet projects seem to confuse him, though. He met Monterey the other day, and I think he had quite a difficult time trying to figure out if it was alive or not.
Righley & Otter
Anyway, as I promised before Christmas, here is one of the patterns The Animator's Wife was working on during my hibernation. It's a crochet version of Knitty's Voodoo Wrist Warmers. Mmm... So warm!
Charmed Wrist Warmers
Make 2.

Finished Size:
One size fits all.

Skill Level:

110 yd 4/worsted-weight yarn
J-10 (6.0 mm) crochet hook
Yarn needle

Special Stitch: Tr cluster
YO twice and insert hook in first indicated st, (YO and pull through 2 loops on hook) twice, *YO and insert hook in next indicated st, (YO and pull through 2 loops on hook) twice; rep from * once. YO and pull through all loops on hook. Tr cluster complete. Counts as 1 tr.

Ch 5 (first 4 ch count as 1 tr now and throughout).

Row 1. 6 tr in 5th ch from hook. 7 tr.

Row 2. Ch 4; turn. 2 tr in first tr, tr in ea rem tr across to last tr, 3 tr in last tr. 11 tr.

Rows 3-6. Rep row 2. 27 tr.

Row 7. Ch 3; turn (beg ch-3 does not count as tr). Skip first tr, dec 1 tr in next 2 tr, tr in ea rem tr across to last 8 tr, ch 3, skip next 3 tr, tr next 2 tr; thumb hole made. Tr cluster in last 3 tr. 20 tr.

Row 8. Ch 3; turn. Skip first tr, dec 1 tr in next 2 tr, 3 tr in next ch-3 sp, tr in ea rem tr across to last 3 tr, tr cluster in last 3 tr. 19 tr.

Row 9. Ch 3; turn. Skip first tr, dec 1 tr in next 2 tr, tr in ea rem tr across to last 3 tr, tr cluster in last 3 tr. 15 tr.

Rows 10-12. Rep row 9. 3 tr.

Finish off.

Fold first wrist warmer in half and sew seam up side. Fold second wrist warmer in half the opposite way (this will put the seam toward the bottom on both wrist warmers) and sew seam up side.

Work 21 sc evenly around finger end of wrist warmer, and work 28 sc evenly around arm end of wrist warmer. Finish off; weave in all ends.

beg beginning
ch chain
dec decrease
ea each
mm millimeter
rem remaining
rep repeat
sc single crochet
sp space
st stitch
tr treble crochet
yd yard
YO yarn over
© 2009. All rights reserved.


  1. So nice! I added them to the Ravelry database right away:

    I forgot to check off that they were free and available online, so perhaps The Animator's Wife could fix that? :D

  2. Wow--you are super fast! Thanks for your help! I almost forgot about Ravelry for this one. ;)

  3. Gorgeous! They just jumped right to the front of my queue. :)

  4. Wonderful pattern. Just what I need for Christmas gifts. Thanks.

  5. Excellent pattern, except I'm confused about a few parts.

    Row 1 - Am I not doing the tr off a chain? Where are the tr's going?? I've never done a pattern where I didn't do a chain first to do all the first stitches off of. What I did is tr off the bottom loop of the last tr, is this correct?

    Rows 3-6 - When I repeat Row 2 in 3-6, I end up with 23 stitches in the last row, not 27. Am I missing something?

    Row 7 - I don't get "Ch 3; turn (beg ch-3 does not count as tr). Skip first tr, dec 1 tr in next 2 tr," So, I ch 3, skip first tr, I do like in Row 2 and do 2 tr in the second tr from Row 6? I'm confused...

  6. Let's see if I can answer all your questions. ^_^

    Row 1 - Start with 5 chains. The last 4 chains count as a tr. Work the remaining 6 tr in the first chain. Make sense?

    Rows 3-6. Don't forget to count the turning chains as a treble! At the end, the 3 tr should be worked in the turning chain, since that is counted as a treble.

    Row 7. You are actually doing the opposite as Row 2. You want to work 2 tr together in the second two tr of Row 6. Here is a tutorial on how to do a tr decrease:

    Hope that helps!

  7. Will these wrist warmers fit young teenagers or must they be adapted?

  8. For high-school age teenagers, they should fit fine. For tweeny-boppers, I would probably use a smaller hook, like a G or an H. They work up pretty quickly, so you should be able to see right away if changing the hook size makes a difference.

  9. OK.. I am really confused. At the end it says to fold in half but how do you fold it? You end up with a diamond shape... right? So how do you put it together?

  10. You do end up with a diamond shape, but you want to fold it so that two opposing flat edges line up. If that doesn't make sense, try gently stretching it into a square shape, and then fold that in half.

  11. OK. Thanks for the help. Just wanted to make sure I was trying to put them together the right way.
    This pattern is very fast & fun to make but I did get confused at the end. My daughter loves them though.

  12. Well, you have me stumped! I have been knitting/crocheting for 40+ years & I cannot make these wrist warmers work. I have worked for several hours on one! I sort of figured out how to sew the seam, but the seam does not go up the side. Mine goes up the palm of the hand.The end you put your hand thru is very tight and hard to get my hand into. Any suggestions? I love this look but can't figure them out.

  13. Hello Anonymous--I don't know how I missed your comment before. The seam does go up the palm when you have the wrist warmers on. As for the end being tight, it might help to do your beginning chain with a hook one size larger. :)

  14. I would so appreciate if you would do a youtube video of this pattern. I love the way is looks but I am having trouble making sense of it all. Thank you so much.

  15. Hi Musespirit! I will add that to my to-do list for the new year. ;)

    1. Hi Selena, loving this pattern but struggling as I am a beginner. Any chance that video of this pattern is up? Thanks very much.

    2. I'm sorry, but having a baby (now toddler) in the house has been taking up way more time than expected! For the time being we've had to scrap plans for video tutorials.

  16. I am confused by this statement "At the end, the 3 tr should be worked in the turning chain, since that is counted as a treble." I had the same trouble as a previous poster. I counted and counted, called my mother in law who has been crocheting forever and she counted and counted and suggested I add a stitch. What am I missing? BTW this my first project for myself and love the pics. I hope I can figure this out!

    1. What part of the pattern are you on? That statement only aplies to rows 2-6.

    2. Probably too late to reply but I just started a pair and I think I know what the trouble is. It may not be your counting, it may be that the "last tr" in each row --that you make 3 tr's in--is actually the top of the turning chain of the previous row. If you make your 3 tr's in the last actual tr (not the ch), you'll only get 23 tr's on your last row.

      So, make sure that at the end of each row (2-6) you are making 3 tr's in the top of the ch from the previous row.

      M <><.

  17. Awesome pattern, simple and pretty! I got these made in an evening, just in time for a friend's birthday :)

    I notice some are noting these are tight around the wrists/fingers - you need to make the ch4/ch3 at the start of the rows looser as they are not quite as stretchy as the treble stitches. Also the finishing stitches around the fingers and wrist should be generously loose, even done with a bigger hook, same principle as loose bindoff when knitting.

    I'm surprised some experienced crochet-ers (what is the right word???) are having trouble with this pattern, I thought it was very clearly written.


    1. Thanks for your insight, Rowan! I think your tips are helpful. :)

    2. And thank you Crochet Kitten for the pattern! The pair I made went down really well, and I've been asked by a few people for some also. I should teach them to crochet and direct them here!!


  18. I have just made these in just over an hour, very simple pattern! My 4 year old has claimed them as her own as they fit us both!!! Hopefully I will be winning a competition with these (I have shared the pattern)
    Thankyou xxxx

  19. Love this pattern! Just taking up crochet after a twenty-some year break. How do you obtain the effect of different colored yarns - are you using variegated yarns?

    1. Yes, variegated. The one I used was Patons SWS. :)