Out of the Closet

After spending a month hiding in the closet, I am going absolutely stir crazy. I can’t take it anymore! The waiting is the killer: waiting for The Terror to be crated when no one is home, for him to go to sleep for the night, and for him to go out on his walks—I’m sick of it! I miss watching my gerbils go about their gerbil business. I miss sitting at my perch by the window and cackling at the birds outside. Most of all, I miss keeping The Animator’s Wife company while she works on her yarn-y projects. And the closet really isn’t that interesting either. So last week, against my better judgment, I decided to come out of the closet.

Oh, how much I have missed during my hiding! The first thing I noticed was that the living room was aglow in soft, twinkling light. They decorated for Christmas without me!


I guess I was so worried about The Terror breathing on me I completely forgot the holidays were coming up! The Animator’s Wife didn’t forget though. She has been crocheting like a lunatic to finish everyone’s gifts before Christmas. She made some adorable mittens and gloves for her sisters and mother (and we will be publishing the gloves pattern after Christmas!).


And remember the amigurumi Todd wraith she had intended for the Ravelympics? She finally finished it, just in time to give my original foster mother for Christmas. She made a Transformers scarf (inspired by The Animator’s scarf) for her as well.

Pop Culture

Here’s a secret: the amigurumi Todd is actually the Leo Kitten pattern, minus the muzzle, ears, and tail. We can’t publish the Transformers scarf pattern though since the logo is copyrighted by Hasbro.

With less than a week left until Christmas, The Animator’s Wife is still desperately trying to finish a few last-minute gifts, but I will wait to post those photos so I don’t spoil the surprise. Oh, how I have missed crocheting with her. And she’s stressing herself out again, as is her usual pattern during the holidays. I think maybe I’ll stay out of the closet for a bit, just to help calm her down until the end of the year. I think she could use the company, and I could use the mental stimulation.

As long as The Terror doesn’t come anywhere near me...