Guess what The Animator’s Wife finished last weekend?

Rugged Vest

That’s right--it’s The Animator’s rugged vest! And what’s more, it fits. The Animator’s Wife got around the size issue by adding a 2-inch strip to either side of the zipper edge. She also added two inches to the shoulders, so it has more give in the armholes now. Huzzah! She didn’t have to frog and start over! As a finishing touch, she even lined the vest with a skull-patterned flannel.

So what if autumn arrived two weeks ago? There’s still plenty of time for The Animator to enjoy his cozy new accessory before the cold really sets in. Now The Animator’s Wife just needs to finish the amigurumi wraith, and her crochet Olympic projects will be tardy, but done.

I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing Old Man Winter before we ever meet the wraith, though.