Traveling Kitten Goes to Boston

My Dear Osiris and Selena,

I am happy to report that in my northward journey to avoid the storms of Florida, I happened to meet a kind gentleman who was pleased to help me find my way once again and show me around the area. The gentleman went by the name of Nathaniel Balch, and apparently he was once a good friend of our former president John Hancock.

Traveling Kitten Boston 1

The area I had found myself in was none other than Boston, Massachusetts, the birthplace of many of our freedoms and patriots. To illustrate this fact, the first place Mr. Balch sought to show me was the old Granary Burying Ground.

Traveling Kitten Boston 2

Here lies many of our great freedom fighters, including John Hancock, Paul Revere, and Samuel Adams. Walking here, mere feet away from such honorable men, I could not help thinking how exciting it must have been to live during their time. They were of an era where leaders were scientists and philosophers—the great thinkers of the human race. How grand and industrious the idea of a free America must have seemed back then.

Mr. Balch then offered to buy me a drink, and so we headed over to the Green Dragon Tavern nearby.

Traveling Kitten Boston 6

The Green Dragon was once a meeting place for that famous secret society, the Masons, and in fact was host to the plotting of the Boston Tea Party. The atmosphere was simply magical; I could practically see the revolutionaries in front of me, preparing the course for freedom over a nice, cold lager.

Traveling Kitten Boston 7

Beer seems to have been an important part of the American Revolution. Samuel Adams himself, an influential political writer and philosopher, was also a well-known brewer in his time. In fact, Boston is home to the modern brewery that bears his name, and as such, most of the pubs here offer several varieties of Samuel Adams beer on tap.

Traveling Kitten Boston 3

Yes, Boston is certainly no stranger to drinking. They rather seem to have made it their official pastime! It seems there is not much else to do in Boston than to head over to ye old pub for a beer. Perhaps that is why the most celebrated of American pubs was based on one in Boston.

Traveling Kitten Boston 4

Well now, I would love to tell you more of my adventures in Boston, but I am afraid I cannot hold my drink as well as Mr. Balch and his fellow Bostonians. Boston lager is delicious, yes, but filling nonetheless. Therefore, I fear I must once again bid you adieu. I believe I shall now curl up for a nice, long nap. Cheers to you both, and as always give my regards to The Animator’s Wife.

Traveling Kitten Boston 5

All the Best,

Traveling Kitten