Josephine Halter

I really don’t understand humans and their occasional bouts of donning a thousand strange articles of clothing and parading around pretending to be someone else. It seems like an awful lot of work to me, especially when one considers it is so much more comfortable to walk around au naturale. At least, that is my experience. I do take into consideration that I am a feline and felines do not normally wear clothes, but the one photo shoot I did with The Animator’s Wife in which I modeled the Fur-Trimmed Pet Sweater has left me convinced that the whole idea is utterly ridiculous.

Last weekend was particularly strange because not only were The Animator and his Wife wearing funny costumes, they walked around all day speaking in strange accents. They went to something called the Renaissance Faire, and apparently everyone who goes there dresses and talks strangely like that. I’m glad I wasn’t there to see it. That said, I must admit they did look kind of cute in their pirate and belly dancer attire.

Stacia & Cap'n Blackjack 1

The Animator’s Wife was wearing her Josephine ensemble, which has turned out to be our most popular pattern series so far second only to the Zodiac Kittens. We did notice one change, however, that many crocheters on Ravelry have been making to modify it, and that has to do with the cups. Apparently the pattern is just a bit too risqué for most women to be comfortable wearing it (including The Animator’s Wife). The change for modesty is simply to sew up the bottom 2-3 inches between the cups. This allows more frontal coverage as well as more support for the bustier ladies.

We have published this change on the pattern available for download. Are you brave enough to try it?


  1. Your owners look very cute in their getups and I love the pattern but I'm not darring enough to try it out.
    Hubby might like it tho ;)

  2. I must say your owner's looked amazing and it looks like they had a great time!

  3. I believe that my owner has been to that particular "Renn Faire" also. She mentioned something about Minnesota when she saw the photo.

  4. You mean there's more than one of these Faires!?! I think The Animator's Wife said the Faire was just over the bridge, which Osiris said would take them to a place called Maryland.

  5. i was trying to pick out any distinguishing shop signs to see if that was minnesota's renaissance festival. but then decided it wasn't based on the fact that there was hay on the ground instead of wood chips. can you tell i worked there?