Ah, the agony of defeat. The Animator’s Wife did not finish nearly as much as she wanted to for Crochetville’s Crochet Games of Ancient Greece and Ravelry’s Ravelympics. She was so close with the Rugged Vest she had intended for The Animator, but she got overexcited, rushed it, and forgot to check her sizing as she went. The result was a vest that was about four inches too small in the chest.

Rugged Vest WIP

Sadly, she didn’t discover this until after she had begun to sew the lining in. And I don’t believe I mentioned it before, but she had also planned to make an amigurumi wraith for Ravelry’s Ravelympics. Well, the furthest she got on that was the torso and one leg.

Todd WIP

This is going back to the dilemma The Animator’s Wife has that I mentioned a while back, about how when she gets really stressed, she likes to add even more things to her agenda to add to her stress! August was a busy month for The Animator’s household. In August we celebrated both The Animator and His Wife’s birthdays, and then they took The Dog down to Florida for a week to visit Little Sunshine’s Mom for her birthday. It probably wasn’t the best month to take on two deadline-oriented projects, plus the Fall update for

And speaking of birthdays, my brother Osiris’s birthday was last week, and he got the most awesome present: two gerbils! They are absolutely not for eating, The Animator’s Wife said, but she said we could sit and watch them play to our heart’s content. I’m so excited! We haven’t had rodents in the house since the last pair of gerbils passed away last Christmas.



Well, I may not be able to eat them, but I can dream, can’t I?