Hope Bracelet

Now that the excitement of illness and injuries is over, I can finally get back to the things that really interest me. Like crochet!

I think I am starting to go through yarn withdrawals. Maybe that’s why I had that bout with the cystitis. It’s supposed to be caused by stress, and while cabin fever isn’t exactly stressful, it can certainly be nerve-wracking! And I’ve had more than my fair share of cabin fever lately. The birds by our window were all but drowned out by all the rain we’ve been having lately (they are only now coming back to reclaim their nest), and The Animator’s Wife hasn’t been home much to let me help her crochet. There’s not much for me to do around here except sit around and stare out the window. Even Osiris bores me lately.

I do find The Animator’s Wife’s wire crochet projects interesting though. Today she made a lovely bracelet from pearls and amethyst beads. It wasn’t as much fun to watch her make as when she works with yarn, but it’s different, at least. I thought it would be nice to share the pattern with everyone else suffering from cabin fever this summer. Really, the best cure for boredom is to try something new. And hopefully The Animator’s Wife will start using yarn again soon.
Hope Bracelet
Finished Size:
8” circumference

Skill Level:

2 yd 28g artistic wire
6 5-mm rice pearl beads
5 5-mm gemstone beads
1 metal toggle clasp
Size C-2 (2.75 mm) crochet hook
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters

1. Fold wire in half to create one 1-yd length of wire that is double-thick.

2. Thread beads onto the double-thick wire in the following pattern: 1 gemstone, *1 pearl, 1 gemstone, 2 pearls, 1 gemstone; repeat from *.

3. Carefully make a slipknot with the wire, leaving a 3-inch tail. Tighten the slipknot onto your crochet hook.

4. Ch 3.

5. Slide 1 bead up to the crochet hook and ch over it. The pearl should now be “caught” in the ch stitch. This is called a beaded ch stitch.

6. Work 3 non-beaded ch stitches.

7. Repeat Steps 6 & 7 until all beads are incorporated. Finish off, leaving a 3-inch tail.

8. Grasp the bracelet at either end and pull firmly in opposite directions to flatten the wire stitches. This will give the bracelet a neater appearance.

9. Using the needle nose pliers, thread the beg 3-inch tail through the T-piece of the toggle clasp, sliding the T-piece up to the first chain stitch. Wrap the tail around the base of the T-piece at least 3 times to secure it into place. Trim the excess with wire cutters. Repeat for ending 3-inch tail and O-piece.

beg beginning
ch chain
g gauge
mm millimeter
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  1. We two cats live with someone who crochets, knits and works with beads. While we love the yarn and supervise as closely as possible, we have found that occasionaly she will drop a bead or two to distract us. We love that and will chase them around the house and down the stairs (sometimes at 3:00 a.m) for a couple of days! Maybe that will happen in your future too...she could get a couple for a very minute amount of money...the ones in clearance. We are very glad your cystitis has calmed down! Wishing you and your house of humans well!

    Hope and Daisy

  2. Hi Hope and Daisy! That's brilliant! Now I'm going to have to sneak into her craft drawer and steal some beads for my amusement. Heehee. Thanks for the idea!

  3. This is so pretty and clasic looking. Sometimes I don't like the look of crocheting with wire because it looks sloppy, but you make it look so clean. Very inspiring!

  4. Debra FrickApril 07, 2011

    Wonderful pattern was wondering if you would mind if I crochet some of these to be given to low income teens this Christmas! If this is ok please contact me a debralfrick@gmail.com