Let me start by saying that when I said we should all get sick more often, I was just joking. Well apparently my crazy brother Osiris and The Dog thought that was a great idea, and sought to do injury to each other last weekend. Allow me to elaborate.

Our cousin Coco La Boosh came to visit us for the holiday weekend. She’s a cute little Shih Tzu, with a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that is almost feline in attitude. I might almost even consider befriending her, though I am not normally a fan of dogs.


Anyhow, on Thursday night it appeared that Coco La Boosh had an interest in befriending me as well, and after she and The Dog went out for their evening walk, she set her sight upon me and chased me into the bedroom. Of course, I knew she was just playing around, but Osiris, who had been on edge since she first arrived, did not find it funny in the least bit and smacked her in the head on her way down the hall.

Stunned, Coco stopped and stared at Osiris for a second, and that’s when Osiris lost it. He screamed, “You stay away from my sister!” and chased Coco back into the living room, where The Animator’s Wife was working on the July update. She watched them in bewilderment for a moment--I don’t think any of us have ever seen Osiris so deranged! Then as soon as Osiris leaped on Coco’s back and latched on with his claws, The Animator’s Wife scooped Coco up to get her away from Osiris.

But Osiris wasn’t going to give up that easily. He leaped onto The Animator’s Wife’s back and continued to swat at Coco from behind! At this point The Dog, who had been watching in astonishment, mistakenly thought Osiris was attacking The Animator’s Wife, and immediately transformed into Guard Dog mode. He leapt at Osiris, pulled him off The Animator’s Wife, and barked, “You stay away from my mommy!” After tussling for a few moments, Osiris came to his senses and strolled to the balcony to calm down. The poor Animator’s Wife was more than a bit shaken up.

It was quite a scary situation for a moment, but I must say I am impressed by the love there is in this family. Osiris was just protecting me, and The dog was just protecting The Animator's Wife.

Injuries were minor, thank goodness. The Animator’s Wife has but a scratch on her hand...

Boo Boo 2

...The Dog has a small bite wound on his neck...

Boo Boo 1

...and Osiris lost a claw. And as for Coco and I, the innocent instigators of a situation that got way out of hand, we’re fine.

Well, I’m mostly fine. I went back to the vet yesterday to see if my urinary tract infection had cleared up, and it turns out I never had a urinary tract infection at all. The new diagnosis is “idiopathic cystitis,” which is an inflamed bladder. That means whenever I get stressed out, my bladder becomes inflamed, and I have to pee more often.

And if last weekend wasn’t stressful, I don’t know what is. Osiris and The Dog are okay now, though. The day after the big fight, Osiris rubbed up against The Dog and apologized for being so crazy.