Wire vs. Yarn

It has been a quiet summer so far here at The Animator’s house. Osiris and I have been getting to know The Dog really well, since The Animator and his Wife are rarely home (and awake) for more than a few hours at a time as of late. What else have we to do than to poke fun at The Dog for having to stay locked in the kitchen because he can’t hold his bladder? Or roll our eyes at him when he becomes unnerved during a thunderstorm? Speaking of which, we’ve had quite a few thunderstorms over the last couple of weeks, and it’s becoming rather irritating. They usually last only an hour at most, but each time they scare the birds away for the rest of the day, making it quite difficult to get in any good bird watching this month.

So the thunderstorms have put a dent in my bird watching, and The Animator’s Wife’s hectic schedule has put a dent in my crochet watching. However, we did get a chance to sit down and get some good crocheting in earlier this week. I didn’t even realize she was crocheting at first, and for a second I thought it had been so long I had forgotten what crocheting was! Then I realized the reason I didn’t recognize it as crocheting was because she wasn’t using yarn. She was using wire and pearls.

Wire Crochet

Personally, I don’t see how she could like crocheting anything better than yarn, but the pearls were fun to play with. It was fun watching them spin on the wire every time I batted one with my paw. But the wire? I think I’ll pass. It was stiff and not nearly as interesting to bat at as yarn.

The Animator’s Wife seemed pleased with what she was making though. After she finished the pearled wire chain, she wrapped it around her ankle like a collar and called it finished. It only took her an hour, and I suppose I’ll have to agree that it is quite stunning. But I still prefer playing with yarn.

Summer Dreams Anklet