Traveling Kitten Goes to Wisconsin

My Dear Osiris and Selena,

As promised, I did not wish to waste any time in getting this letter to you, and so now I am pleased to say that I have safely and successfully accompanied Traveling Righley back to his home in Wisconsin.

TK Farmhouse

You heard me correctly--I said, “Wisconsin.” Who knew Righley was an old-fashioned farm dog at heart? His home is quite lovely, with acres of fertile land and a quaint, rustic old barn to boot.

TK Barn

Righley did the kindness of introducing me to his family while I was here. One of them I believe you have met before. She goes by the name of Brown Eyed Girl, and she is quite a lovely young woman indeed. I discovered she is actually the reason Righley was so anxious to come home, as this week was the week of her high school graduation.

TK Brown Eyed Grad

Oh, what a charming family they have! Why her graduation party was nothing short of what you would expect to see at a regular wedding reception, with an abundance of veggies, cheeses, carnitas, and homemade sweets. Those Wisconsinites certainly know how to keep a body well-fed.

In addition, I had the pleasure of meeting Righley’s mentor and namesake, the pug who first inspired him to go out and see the world. They call him Crazy Righley, and he undoubtedly lives up to his moniker. If I had half the energy as he, I likely could finish my world travels in less than a month!

TK Righleys

Yes, Wisconsin is a lovely country with kind faces and welcoming people. However, I must say that it is rather cold this far up north, at least for the season, I should say. Cold and wet. I don’t believe I have experienced a single day here yet when it didn’t rain, and myself being a feline, am not much excited by the degree of precipitation here. Where is it that the seniors go to get away from the cold, wet weather? Florida? Perhaps I shall go there next. I must confess I did not look around much when I passed through there on the way back from Mexico. Perhaps it is time to remedy that oversight.

Until then, give my regards to The Animator’s Wife.

All the Best,

Traveling Kitten