Traveling Kitten Goes to California

My Dear Osiris and Selena,

Here I find myself in California at last, and I must applaud your diligent efforts in monitoring my well-being. For whom should I find here but a fellow traveler who claims to know you and brings news from home. I do mean, of course, your friend Traveling Righley.

TK Traveling Kitten & Righley

He informs me that when I had been gone three months with but a single letter regarding my whereabouts, you had become worried and sent him to find me. Well fear not, my dear kitties! Righley has succeeded in his quest to locate me, and I assure you we are both in good health. Moreover, to celebrate our serendipitous meeting, we decided to see California together.

TK Carmel Beach

Oh, there is so much to see in California, I hardly know where to begin! We saw the Golden Gate Bridge, which is neither golden nor a gate, but is breathtaking none-the-less.

TK Golden Gate Bridge

We saw Hollywood, which is not actually a “wood” per se but more of a desert area. In fact, this supposedly “glittering” city of the stars was actually rather dull and polluted. Such a shame, really. What ever happened to the golden age of glamour?

TK Hollywood

We went to the Land of Disney, where we were privileged to be welcomed by their colossal leaders. I suspect they were mice in species, but their size was of human proportions. Why, I dare say their towering height may even rival that of The Animator! They appeared welcoming enough, but I did note that there were not many felines in the vicinity...

TK Disneyland

We stopped off at Universal Studios, hoping to star in a motion picture or two, and were disappointed to find that this “studio” was more of a theme park. We were told that they do film actual movies in the vicinity, but nothing was being filmed that day. Oh well. I suppose there will be other opportunities to become a famous actor.

TK Universal Studios

To finish off our excursion of the west coast, we went on a submarine tour of the Pacific Ocean. Believe me when I say that just when I thought I had seen everything, I am always discovering just how much more there is to see. There is an entire other world that exists beneath the ocean! We had the pleasure of seeing the great sea kelp forests, watching a pearl being hatched from an oyster, and I believe we may even have found Nemo.

TK Submarine

I am sure we could spend an entire year in California and still not see everything there is to see, but our time here is now drawing to a close. Righley seems anxious to get back to the place he has been calling “home” these last few months, and though I have known him but a few days, I feel compelled to go with him. He has been a wonderful traveling companion this week, and I would very much like to see where he lives.

So once again I must bid you adieu, but I promise my next letter will come much sooner. Give my regards to The Animator’s Wife!

All the Best,

Traveling Kitten