THAT'S Not a Kitten!

Spring is here yet again, and lately I’ve come to expect that with this season comes The Animator’s Wife bringing home the occasional orphaned kitten in need of hand rearing. So it came as no surprise last night to see her come home carrying a box with air holes under one arm and a bottle of formula under the other. However, when she went to take the creature out for its first feeding, Osiris and I could not believe our eyes.

Secret Squirrel 2

At first, we thought it was a gerbil, like the ones The Animator’s Wife used keep as pets. But on closer inspection, and noticing the bushy tail, we realized that it was in fact a baby squirrel. Yes, a squirrel, as in those nervous little rodents that like to pester The Dog and send him into a barking, growling frenzy whenever he sees one.

I might think of questioning her judgment in bringing home such a creature, but I am assured this little guy will not be staying long. The Animator’s Wife actually seemed a little annoyed about having to bring him home at all. Apparently, he was found by a man whose children had gotten a hold of it. The Animator’s Wife said he should have just told his kids to put it back where they found it and watch for the mother to come back for it, because now the poor thing is going to have to be hand-reared and will become trusting of humans. The strange part is she said “trusting humans” as if it were a bad thing. Does she really think humans are not to be trusted?

In any case, it’s in our care now until we can locate a rehabilitator for it. Actually, The Animator was quite smitten with this orphan, and I think he’s almost sorry we can’t keep it. At least he will be of help with the bottle-feeding until a rehabilitator is found.

Secret Squirrel 4

Incidentally, The Dog has seen the baby but has not figured out that it’s a squirrel yet. I believe he thinks it’s another kitten, something of no interest to him. Well I’m not going to tell him what it really is. It will be interesting to see if he figures it out on his own.

Oh--before I forget, my friend D.C.’s mom sent The Animator’s Wife a pattern for the cutest Tunisian crochet purse ever. If you’re looking to get into Tunisian crochet or just want a great new bag pattern for spring, you should check it out here.