Racing to the Finish!

Osiris will never admit it, but he is a momma’s boy. He gets rather moody when he thinks he’s not getting enough attention, and right now I think he’s jealous of the Blankie that The Animator’s Wife has been working on for Brown-Eyed Girl. He knows she’s working on a tight schedule to get it finished, but has been working all week to steal her attention away from it. Not that it matters now, since she’s run out of yarn for it and the second shipment hasn’t come in yet. The Blankie is now about 75% complete, and Osiris is protesting the project entirely.

Rock-a-Star Baby Blankie 2

Now that I think of it, it’s been a while since The Animator’s Wife has made anything for us kitties. Perhaps I shall petition her for a new food mat. Our old one is becoming a little stained. Of course, I’ll have to wait to mention it to her until she's caught up with her current projects. There’s no sense in adding to her stress now.

Speaking of which, she’s officially given up on the idea to make a sweater before May. Thank goodness, because there are only three days left this month! I really don’t know what she was thinking--it's almost summer! She likely wouldn’t even wear it until fall. However, she did decide she was going to make a purse instead. That’s right. I’ve said it before, but The Animator’s Wife is a funny lady when she’s stressed about deadlines. Although I suppose she needs something to keep her mind off the Blankie while she's waiting for the yarn to come in.

Tea Party Purse WIP

At least she was able to finish one project this week. The Gemini Kittens turned out way cuter than either of us ever expected, and they’re done just in time to be published in May!

Gemini Kittens