Welcome Back, Spring

This morning I awoke to the tickle of a cool breeze on my whiskers. Reluctant at first to uncurl myself from the warmth of The Animator’s pillow, the song of the sparrows outside inspired an excitement within me, and I quickly darted into the living room to see for myself. There I found Osiris gazing contentedly out onto the balcony, drinking in the long-lost sun. I breathed a deep breath of the fresh air wafting in through the open screen door, and welcomed the arrival of spring.

Spring Ozzy

Spring has always been my favorite season. Perhaps it is because I was born into it (my third birthday is in three days), but I have always loved the feeling of rebirth and happiness that spring brings with it after the dark, cold season of winter.

I don’t think The Animator’s Wife does well in the winter. I wouldn’t say she has full-blown seasonal depression, but she is definitely quieter and less motivated in the winter months. And she hates the cold with a passion.

Today is different though. Yes, it is still cool and breezy, but the sun is shining and the scent of summer is just on the horizon. The Animator’s Wife is quite cheerful this morning and has been busily working on her latest project all weekend. Yesterday she finished the Josephine scarf, after three hours of beading and tassel making to embellish it.

Josephine Scarf Front

And today she jumped right into making a halter top to match it.

Josephine Halter

It’s nice to see her so excited about a new design. She is also talking about making matching gauntlets to complete the belly dance ensemble. At the rate she’s going, she might have a complete new outfit by next weekend!

I love the spring.


  1. Oooh! What a fun project! Looking forward to seeing the whole outfit.

  2. Wow I just love the scarf! It would look fabulous around hips over jeans or a skirt!

    Happy Birthday Selena K have a good one with lots of tuna or other luscious treats.

    OK now I found you again (the perils of transferring to new computers....) I am off to add you to my RSS feed!!


  3. I love your cat patterns. Any chance you could make a teddy bear pattern in the same style.

  4. Could be--I'm always up for suggestions for new projects! I'm adding that to the list now...