Let the Hilarity Ensue

Occasionally I have to admit that there are some good points to having The Dog around. For instance, if The Animator’s Wife is suddenly struck with the desire to crochet something absolutely ridiculous, I can be sure the project will come nowhere near me as long as The Dog is acting as her guinea pig.

Yesterday she entered him in an Easter bonnet contest.

Hil-Hare-ious Hat 1

I didn’t even try to conceal my laughter when I saw him. I can’t believe what he puts up with sometimes. Although Osiris pointed out that we all have to earn our keep somehow. I help The Animator’s Wife with her crocheting and give her back massages, Osiris assists The Animator with his projects and makes sure everyone wakes up on time, and The Dog guards the door and keeps everyone entertained. No matter how silly he looks.

To be honest, I think he enjoys everyone laughing at him. He likes making people happy. Besides, his little outfit won him Best Bunny in the bonnet contest, with a big bag of organic treats as the prize, so it wasn’t a total loss for him. He even got to meet a mutant rabbit and have his picture taken with him. Did you know bunnies came in Goliath size? I didn't.

Easter Bunny 1

I must say The Dog a lot braver than I am. But I suppose that comes with being a guard dog.

Happy Easter, everyone!