Green-Eyed Monster

As much as I love my brother Osiris, I have to admit he can be rather vain sometimes. If he is not the center of attention, he will either sit on the nearest chair and pout or wander around the room crying until he makes everyone crazy. Today he decided on the former when The Dog We Don’t Like to Mention got his spring shave, his first haircut since September. After an entire winter of watching his silky white fur grow into one big mat, even I can confess he looks somewhat cute now.

Vinnie's Haircut

Osiris doesn’t care about that though. He just sat and watched The Animator’s Wife with The Dog, ridden with jealousy.

Jealous Osiris

Sometimes I just want to bop him on the nose and tell him that his afternoon massage is not always the most important matter in the house! I bet he hasn’t even bothered to check on the progress of the scarf The Animator’s Wife has been working on all weekend. It’s for a woman who asked if she could help design a shawl for her granddaughter’s wedding. The Animator’s Wife was getting ready to design a hip scarf for herself anyway and decided that one design could serve two purposes.

Josephine Scarf 1

She’s been working on it all weekend and it is finally just about done. Now all she needs to do is add the tassels.