Traveling Kitten Goes to Washington

My Dear Osiris and Selena,

I was sitting here in our nation’s capitol enjoying a delicious caramel and peanut butter gelato when I thought to myself, “Why this would be an excellent time to drop a note to my family back home!” As you can see, I am determined to keep my promise to write more often.

Traveling Kitten DC 1

Now you may be wondering what in the world I am doing in Washington, D.C., since in my last letter I believe I mentioned I would be heading west. Indeed, that had been my original intention, and keeping in mind how long it had taken to walk from CancĂșn to Florida, this time I bought myself a one-way train ticket from South Carolina to California. How sad I was to discover, however, about halfway through my trip, that I had somehow managed to board the wrong train and was headed north instead of west.

Traveling Kitten DC 2

Well, no matter. This is supposed to be my grand adventure, after all, and I have never been to Washington before, so I thought to make the best of it.

What I find most fascinating about Washington is how close everything is. For instance, if you walk out into the middle of the mall between the Smithsonian museums, looking to the east you will see the United States Capitol building.

Traveling Kitten DC 3

And from the same spot, looking to the west, you will see the Washington Monument. Not only is it a great cheesy-tourist-photo opportunity (as in giving the illusion of leaning upon the Monument), it also makes sightseeing quite convenient if you are not in the mood to walk.

Traveling Kitten DC 4

Anyhow, I really do mean to get to California, so I am afraid I will be cutting my stay in Washington on the short side. Now I just need to determine my next mode of transportation. Since CancĂșn, I have walked, ridden in a van, and taken the train. I am thinking that next I shall hitch a ride on the back of a rocket. It is safe to sit there, yes? And it is certainly faster than walking.

Traveling Kitten DC 5

I will write again from my next destination and let you know how the rocket worked out. Until then, my thoughts are always with you and The Animator’s Wife.

All the Best,

Traveling Kitten