Traveling Kitten Goes South of the Border

My Dear Osiris and Selena,

I must apologize for the delay in my correspondence, but it has taken much longer get back to the States than I had anticipated. It is indeed a long walk from CancĂșn to Texas, and I am beginning to realize that it would have been much faster if I had simply taken a boat across the Gulf of Mexico to Florida. Perhaps I should have consulted a map sooner...

In any case, I am now once again traveling along the east coast of the United States and am making much better time thanks to a chance meeting with a pair of dogs in a mini-van. They were in transition from Florida to South Carolina and kindly offered me a lift. Weary from the long walk from Mexico, I accepted.

Traveling Kitten SB 1

As we neared South Carolina, cryptic signs for a place called South of the Border began to appear.

South of the Border 1

I thought surely there must be some mistake as we were now north of the border, not south, and we were headed in a northerly fashion. In truth one sign, which had been constructed upside-down, mind you, appeared to confirm my suspicions.

South of the Border 2

Ah-ha! I thought. So that was it. Some inebriate had erected the signs on the wrong side of Interstate 95! Yet, as we drove ever northward, I began to suspect that the signs were not the misplaced happenstance of a drunken sot. Then, just as we reached the end of South Carolina, we saw it. South of the Border was north of Mexico!

Traveling Kitten SB 2

I do believe what they meant to say was, “South of the Border of Reason,” for this place is another world, much like a Santa Fe version of Jonathon Swift’s Brobdingnab! There I was, a tiny Gulliver in a land of giants.

Traveling Kitten SB 3

In this world, the cacti are as tall as the Giant Redwoods of California...

Traveling Kitten SB 4

...the spark plugs for the behemoth’s cars are so big I could not see the tops of them...

Traveling Kitten SB 5

...and the miniature golf course is anything but miniature!

Traveling Kitten SB 6

If you are ever able to make the trip to South Carolina, I highly recommend you stop by this amazing land. If anything, you will certainly be sure to have a good meal in the amenable dining quarters. The chimichangas are choice!

Traveling Kitten SB 7

As this was the final destination of my canine companions, we now part ways as I head west to see what other hidden worlds America has to offer. I hope all is well with you and The Animator’s Wife. Once again, I promise to write.

All the Best,

Traveling Kitten