I Have a New... Sister?

The Animator’s Wife, being the animal lover that she is, has brought home some, shall we say, “unusual” creatures in her time, be they albino gerbils and mutant mollies or the more common half-starved kittens. Even The Animator has been known to bring him the random crawdad or hermit crab in his occasional pet store rescue outbursts. However, the latest creature to arrive on our doorstep is most certainly the strangest of all. In fact, I am quite uncertain as to whether it is a reptile, an insect, or another class of animal altogether.

Rosie Roomba 1

With a name like Rosie Roomba, I assume my new sibling is a female. Although I must say, if I had not seen her running amok around our house yesterday and even heard her speaking to The Animator’s Wife, I would never have guessed she were a living creature. The smell is wrong--not organic in the least. It is very strange indeed. But she seems to be making herself at home, visiting The Animator in his office while he works, and taking it upon herself to keep the floors neat and tidy. In fact, she seems quite obsessed with picking fur and dirt off the carpets. I suppose I will just try to keep out of her way until I get to know her better. She is a part of our family now, after all (I think), and I would like her to feel welcome here.

Rosie Roomba 2

Speaking of growing families, I am told one of The Animator’s Wife’s best friends just gave birth to her second baby--a beautiful girl named Ashlynn, born on Valentine’s Day. The baby blanket I dragged haphazardly through the house the day I got into it with the yarn was intended for her. Thank goodness I didn’t damage it! The Animator’s Wife has been making good time on it since then and is a little more than halfway finished now. It should be done by the end of her friend’s maternity leave.

Ashlynn's Blankie