We're Gonna Take a Walk Outside Today

Such a great big world that’s all set up for a curious cat and pug-nosed pup. Friends to meet and places to be, it’s all so new and fun to see...

It was over three months ago that Traveling Kitten embarked on his journey to see the world. Alas, we have not heard from him since September. Oh, where could he have disappeared? The suspense is killing me! Therefore, I must trust in Traveling Righley to find him.

Traveling Righley

Here comes the dog, strong and brave (woof)! Here comes the dog--your life he’ll save!

Bastet speed, Traveling Righley! May you find Traveling Kitten and bring him home safely.

...What’s that? You’d like a Traveling Righley of your own? Well you’re in luck because the pattern is now available here on CrochetKitten.com!

What else is new at CrochetKitten.com?

Capricorn Kitten
Capricorn Kitten
Ambitious, practical, and patient, all Capricorn wants is a little love.

Aquarius Kitten
Aquarius Kitten
Aquarius doesn’t care what other people think. She likes being unique and rarely gets bored.

Viktoria Purse
Viktoria Purse
Indulge yourself in this rich, felted purse with a cheery flower and ribbon. It’s the perfect cure for the wintertime blues!

Oh it's going to be a great year for crocheting!


  1. Your new patterns are awesome! I am especially looking forward to trying my hand at felting with your new Viktoria Purse.

    I also love the eyes on your Zodiac kittens!

  2. Hi Selena!!

    So good to read the blog again! The kitty patterns are just absolutely lovely - well done with such lovely designs. I am Determined to learn to crochet, I know heaps of people who will adore a crochet kitten of their own. I'm a Pisces so hope the pattern won't be too difficult LOL!!!!

    I hope you hear from the travelling kitty soon and I LOVE your kitty condo - you must be thrilled with it.