Lazy Sunday

The world is bright and cheery this crisp, winter Sunday. Although I am sure the wind outside is harsh and biting, here in the living room it is warm and cozy. The Animator’s Wife is sitting on the couch, patiently working on a sweater she started for herself before the holiday rush. It’s nice to see her working on something just for fun for a change. Since she started designing patterns for, many of her projects have been bringing her nothing but frustration and annoyance before final coveted outcome of satisfaction. Today is a day of much needed relaxation after the holiday rush.

Taking her cue to forgot all our worries for the day, Osiris and I began a game of Catch the Yarn. Not wishing to disturb The Animator’s Wife, we borrowed a skein of cotton from the crochet trunk, leaving her sweater yarn in peace.

Playing with String 1

The Dog We Don’t Like to Mention, also not wishing to disturb The Animator’s Wife, decided to come join us in our game in lieu of begging her for a walk.

Playing with String 2

Okay, I suppose The Dog can be fun sometimes. However, I am absolutely not going to make a habit of playing with him. He tends to be a little rough for my taste, and I have a reputation to protect.

Actually, while The Dog has Osiris distracted, perhaps I will go curl up in the new cat tree. Mmm... Snuggly.

Selena in Cat Tree