Lazy Sunday

The world is bright and cheery this crisp, winter Sunday. Although I am sure the wind outside is harsh and biting, here in the living room it is warm and cozy. The Animator’s Wife is sitting on the couch, patiently working on a sweater she started for herself before the holiday rush. It’s nice to see her working on something just for fun for a change. Since she started designing patterns for, many of her projects have been bringing her nothing but frustration and annoyance before final coveted outcome of satisfaction. Today is a day of much needed relaxation after the holiday rush.

Taking her cue to forgot all our worries for the day, Osiris and I began a game of Catch the Yarn. Not wishing to disturb The Animator’s Wife, we borrowed a skein of cotton from the crochet trunk, leaving her sweater yarn in peace.

Playing with String 1

The Dog We Don’t Like to Mention, also not wishing to disturb The Animator’s Wife, decided to come join us in our game in lieu of begging her for a walk.

Playing with String 2

Okay, I suppose The Dog can be fun sometimes. However, I am absolutely not going to make a habit of playing with him. He tends to be a little rough for my taste, and I have a reputation to protect.

Actually, while The Dog has Osiris distracted, perhaps I will go curl up in the new cat tree. Mmm... Snuggly.

Selena in Cat Tree


  1. Excelletn idea, snuggling int he cat tree. and that when mom finds the mess, you will be able to say,"What? Wasn't me!"

  2. I love the photographs. I know that rapt expression when faced with yarn ooooh soooo well!!!

  3. just found your blog, I love cats but because of my son we can't have any, i think i'll live vicariously thru your site!
    Also trying to learn how to crochet in rounds but not really grasping it!