Keep Your Eye on the Ball

I feel I have a confession to make. As un-catlike as it is and as much as I despise admitting that I share a common interest with The Dog We Don’t Like to mention, I simply cannot contain myself any longer. I love The Dog’s tennis ball!

I love the way it rolls away from me when I swat at it. The way I can grasp it in my paws and kick it around the living room, knowing The Dog is watching jealously. Or the way I can throw it up in the air, bat it with my foot, and sending it sailing toward The Animator’s Wife as she sits innocently on the couch, watching a movie. I thought we might perhaps enjoy a game of catch together, but she didn’t see it that way after it smacked her in the ear.

However, seeing my enthusiasm for that ratty old tennis ball, The Animator’s Wife decided to make me a ball of my own.
Eye Toy 1
It’s an eye-ball! Get it? I wasn’t sure about it at first, since it’s somewhat creepy looking. Then I noticed the feathers and bells she attached to it.
Eye Toy 2
Ooh, this is even better than the tennis ball, and the best part is it’s all mine!

Pattern available on Ravelry.