Gifts for the Animator

That Animator is one spoiled husband. Last month his wife made him the Transformers scarf and hat, this month she’s working on a crocheted vest for him, and just this weekend she started a quilt made from all his favorite old T-shirts.

Nick's Quilt 1

Perhaps he and The Animator’s Wife should look into having children, just so The Animator’s Wife will have someone else to bestow with her crafty projects. Besides Ozzy, The Dog We Don’t Like to Mention, and me, that is. Although now that I think of it, The Dog has actually been pretty lucky in that respect. He has yet to be saddled with a bulky crocheted sweater he has to pretend to enjoy wearing. Perhaps I will bring this up with The Animator’s Wife, hee hee.

As for The Animator, everywhere he goes he gets complements on the Transformers scarf. “Where ever did you get that?” people ask him. The Animator’s Wife has had several requests from friends to make one for them. And I myself have had quite a few requests to ask The Animator’s Wife to make the pattern available on Unfortunately, the Decepticon logo is licensed by Hasbro and we do not have their permission to publish the pattern. Yes, even if we offer it free. We’ll ask, but we can’t make any promises. But I must say, it is very exciting to see such an interest in crochet intarsia. If you’d like to learn how to make your own intarsia graphs, Lady Linoleum has an excellent entry about it in her blog.

That’s all I have to share this week. I think I’ll go curl up on the quilt-in-progress for a nap now.

Nick's Quilt 2

What? If you’re going to put your quilt on my chair, it’s going to get furred. And that’s all I have to say about that.