Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Shh... The Animator’s Wife is asleep and I don’t wish to wake her with my worries. She has had such a busy month, working until all hours of the night, helping Uncle James with his big move, and trying to cope with her father’s blood infection. Poor lady. I’ve hardly seen her at home at all anymore and when I do, she usually goes straight to bed. She certainly hasn’t had any time for crocheting lately. It’s all I can do when she is home to give her a back massage while she drifts off into the Realm of Dreams.

But that all seems to be ending now. She has been home the last three days in a row, and has been frantically preparing for... something. What, I cannot say, but it reminds me of an October two years ago, when The Animator and his Wife suddenly went mad and began hacking numerous pumpkins to pieces, leaving behind empty shells that glowed sinisterly back at me through the balcony window.

Otis Pumpkin

I fear that the Pumpkin Madness that overtook my companions before may be soon upon us again. Already I am seeing the giant orange gourds reappearing on the balcony, although they have yet to be massacred this time.

Autumn View

Oh, it’s not the pumpkins I’m afraid of, if that’s what you’re wondering. It’s what the pumpkins bring frightens me. The last time the Pumpkin Madness overcame the Animator and his Wife, they transformed into hideous creatures, dashed out into the night, and didn’t come back until morning. Moreover, this year it would appear that The Dog We Don’t Like to Mention will also be affected by the Madness. He has spent the last week running around disguised as a human skeleton.

Halloween Outfit

Osiris says if the Pumpkin Madness is to come, it will be here next week. He has lived through this many times before and assures me everyone will be back to normal come November. Nothing ever phases him. I would love to believe him, but I just don’t know what to think. For now, all I can do is wait. And hope.