Traveling Kitten Goes to Mexico

My Dear Osiris and Selena,

Here I am on my grand adventure to see the world. I thought for my first stop I should go somewhere exciting, as in somewhere other than the United States, where I was born and have lived the whole month of my life. So I decided that I should head south, and I now find myself in a sizzling place called Mexico.

My first stop was in the city of Cancún. You would like it there, I think. The humans are much more laid-back than in the U.S. In fact, it would appear that their primary responsibility is to lay out by the sea and make sure the sun goes down. I could certainly get used to that sort of lifestyle.

Traveling Kitten 1

The sea itself is an amazing thing. I never knew there could be so much water in one place. I stood at the very edge of it, not daring to go in lest it swept me away, and still I could not see where it ended.

Traveling Kitten 2

That sight made me realize just how much more there was to see. With great effort, I tore myself away from Cancún and headed north into Yucatán, where I discovered the remains of an ancient civilization. I believe the humans call them “Mayans.” They must have been mighty once, for the temples they built at the city of Chichén Itzá a millennium ago are still standing today.

Traveling Kitten 3

While at Chichén Itzá, I did have the fortune to meet one of the Mayan humans. He sold me a dapper yellow sombrero, saying I looked just “kissable” in it.

Traveling Kitten 4

A nice, friendly people, really. Perhaps in one of my next lives I will be a Mayan kitten. Why I’ve already even learned one of their traditional dances!

Traveling Kitten 5

Now then, after Chichén Itzá, I made my way a short distance across the sea to the Isle of Women. One of the humans told me the best way to see the island would be in a golf cart, but I could not figure out how to make the blasted thing start.

Traveling Kitten 6

Since I could not easily get about the island, I decided to content myself with sampling some of the local cuisine. Osiris, I believe you would like this. They have a form of milk that comes not from the refrigerator, but from a massive nut called a coconut. It was odd at first, drinking it warm, but quite delicious once I got used to it.

Traveling Kitten 7

What I have seen of Mexico is beautiful, but I am now anxious for my next destination. I have not yet decided where I will be going, but am considering heading north. I will write again once I arrive. Please give my regards to The Animator’s Wife.

All the Best,
Traveling Kitten